A very warm welcome to you.

You have successfully accessed your reserved space in The £5 Lottery Club. (Places are limited and in high demand—nice work!)

This is an exciting moment for us—the club is a special place, where around 2,000 Islanders are having a significant impact on lives of children in Malawi and in Guernsey.

How does it work?

Simply follow the steps below. You will be asked to fill out your details, and we will send you a standing order form in the post. You can return the form to us using the provided pre-paid envelope.

You will be entered into our draw for 100 cash prizes on 23rd of every month, including a top prize of £1,000!

The prize fund is also just about to increase—see more details about the prizes HERE

The draw results will be emailed to you on 23rd of each month, and prizes are sent in the post.